Call for Local Organizer of CNS*2021

OCNS requests proposals from candidate local organizers to organize the CNS meeting in 2021 preferably in a European location. (Proposals from other locations will also be considered.)

Groups or individuals interested in organizing CNS meetings should carefully read the updated, detailed on-line information and use the on-line template provided as a guide. To help in determining the budget we provide a detailed template of the final budget sheet that will be used after a proposal is accepted.

The OCNS board and executive committee will select/discuss the different proposals, contact the potential local organizers for more information if necessary and come to a timely agreement between OCNS and potential local organizers.

Proposals should be emailed to OCNS president no later than October 1, 2019. The proposal should minimally contain two documents:

An earlier email to the OCNS president  declaring the intent to submit a proposal would be appreciated, but is not required. Decisions are expected to be conveyed to potential organizers in July 2020Interested organizers for later CNS meetings can always contact the OCNS President.