Please read our Bylaws and then fill out and submit a Membership Application to join the OCNS.

We have three categories of membership with different dues:

  • Student
  • Postdoc/not-for-profit employee
  • Faculty/for-profit employee


Apply Now for Membership

Anybody studying toward an undergraduate or graduate degree is considered a student.Anybody who is employed as a postdoctoral scholar or postdoctoral fellow, and anybody who is employed in a university lab or non-industry research institute as a technician or research assistant not seeking a degree should use the postdoc/not-for-profit employee membership category. Anybody who is employed as faculty, laboratory head, independent researcher, or in an equivalent position, and anybody who is employed in industry or for-profit institutions should use the faculty/for-profit employee category. 

Retired persons should apply for or remain in their pre-retirement category. 

Please contact us before you pay your dues if:

  • you are uncertain which category is appropriate for you
  • your employment status has changed
  • or if you believe that special circumstances prohibit you from paying the full dues


After submission of this application, the OCNS board reviews it. A few days afterwards you receive an approval mail (in case you are approved), and then you can proceed to pay your dues. This will enable your member account for the OCNS web site.