Membership Dues

In 2017, the Board decided to decrease the costs of membership dues

Members of the Organization for Computational Neuroscience (OCNS) have to pay their dues before they can execute their rights or enjoy the benefits.

When you apply after Nov 1, you receive free membership until the end of the year. Members can pay dues for a single year or for two/three years. 

 Member Type

One year

Two years

Three years

 Student  10 USD  15 USD  20 USD
 Post-doc  20 USD  30 USD  40 USD
 Faculty and other  50 USD  75 USD  100 USD

Anybody who is presently studying for an undergraduate or graduate degree is a student. Anybody who is employed as a researcher and has a PhD degree is a postdoc. Independent investigators, laboratory heads, university faculty, people employed in industry and all holding equivalent positions should pay the faculty rate. Professionals not employed as researchers can use the postdoc membership during their first five years of employment after obtaining their degree and should use the faculty membership afterwards. 

Contact us before you pay your dues if you your employment status has changed so that we can update our records or if you believe that special circumstances prohibit you from paying the full dues.

If you are an active member you can check till when your dues have been paid on the homepage after login.

Click here to pay or extend your dues now

Please note that membership dues are not refundable