CNS*2019 Barcelona: Registration Fees

Different rates are charged for Students, Postdocs, and Faculty (and others) and OCNS Members receive large reductions in each category. You can apply to become a member; the total for membership fees + meeting registration for members is usually lower than meeting registration for non members. The fees are slightly changed from previous years. This is because since the meeting is now one day shorter, all prices related to the Main Meeting have been reduced by 10%.

Please note that the meeting schedule now includes a Mixed Day (July 16th). Attendees registered for the main meeting only can attend the workshop sessions being held on July 16th. Similarly, attendees registered for the workshops only are able to attend the main meeting (key note and poster session) on July 16th also.

Please also note that the main registration fee still
 excludes a banquet ticket. 

Early registration ends 7th May 2019, 11pm US Pacific time for non-members and 15th May 2019 for members. Afterwards, late registration fees are charged.

Note: you can add to your initial registration at a later date (e.g. add banquet ticket, tutorials, etc.).

 Student MemberStudentPostdoc MemberPostdocFaculty MemberFaculty
Main meeting only $160 (late: $200) $245 (late: $305) $200 (late: $255) $325 (late: $425) $290 (late: $375) $475 (late: $620)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops $280 (late: $350) $425 (late: $525) $345 (late: $445) $565 (late: $735) $500 (late: $650) $825 (late: $1030)
Main meeting + tutorials $200 (late: $250) $305 (late: $375) $250 (late: $320) $405 (late: $525) $360 (late: $465) $590 (late: $770)
Main meeting + workshops $240 (late: $300) $365 (late: $455) $295 (late: $380) $485 (late: $630) $425 (late: $555) $705 (late: $925)
Tutorials only $60 (late: $75) $90 (late: $110) $75 (late: $95) $130 (late: $170) $110 (late: $140) $220 (late: $280)
Workshops only $110  (late: $140) $165  (late: $210) $135  (late: $175) $220 (late: $285) $195 (late: $255) $325 (late: $420)


Fees for accepted abstract publication in the supplement to BMC Neuroscience are covered by OCNS through the main registration fees.

Register for CNS*2019


Registration through this website opens on January 8th, 2019. Payment by credit card or check (complete payment only) in US dollars.  Checks should be sent to OCNS and arrive within two weeks of registration. The only acknowledgement of registration and payment is by e-mail. Make sure all necessary information (institution address, VAT, etc.) is entered in the appropriate box. If you need an invoice this should be requested well in advance. Certificates of attendance can be obtained at the meeting.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Registration/Optional Fees

90% refund if cancelled by May 16 2019 (this reduction from 100% is to cover our transaction processing fees).
70% refund if cancelled by June 20, 2019.
No refund if cancelled after June 20 2019.

No partial refunds. Please e-mail us to request a cancellation. Costs for bank wire transfers may be charged.

Becoming a member after registration is not a valid reason for cancellation, the registration fees will not be refunded.