CNS*2019 Barcelona: Adding to Registration

Update a previous registration

You can add items to an existing CNS meeting registration:

  • If you wish to add extra attendance days (e.g. workshops, tutorials) please click here
Add extra attendance days

  • If you only wish to add banquet tickets/t-shirts, please click here 

Add items to the registration

Your current Member status applies, so if you were not a Member when you originally registered but are a member now you can use the Member rate.  Changes of your Student, Postdoc or Faculty status are not possible without paying extra for the initial registration, e-mail us if you need to do this.

Different rates are charged for Students, Postdocs and Faculty (and others) and OCNS Members receive large reductions in each category. You can apply to become a member if you want to.

 Student MemberStudentPostdoc MemberPostdocFaculty MemberFaculty
Add Main meeting  $160 (late: $200) $245 (late: $305) $200 (late: $255) $325 (late: $425) $290 (late: $375) $475 (late: $620)
Add Tutorials $60 (late: $75) $90 (late: $110) $75 (late: $95) $130 (late: $170) $110 (late: $140) $220 (late: $280)
Add Workshops $110 (late: $140) $165 (late: $210) $135 (late: $175) $220 (late: $285) $195 (late: $255) $325 (late: $420)


Banquet ticket: 50 USD (note: no banquet ticket is included in the main meeting registration fee).

Add T-shirt: 15 USD. Note that the fees must be paid and size identified on registration to receive the T-shirt(s). Limited quantities will be available on-site.


Payment by credit card or check (complete payment only) in US dollars.  Checks should be sent to OCNS and arrive within two weeks of registration. The only acknowledgement of registration and payment is by e-mail. Make sure all necessary information (institution address, VAT, etc.) is entered in the appropriate box. If you need an invoice this should be requested well in advance. Certificates of attendance can be obtained at the meeting.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Registration/Optional Fees

  • 90% refund if cancelled by May 16, 2019.
  • 70% refund if cancelled by June 20, 2019.
  • No refund if cancelled after June 20, 2019.

No partial refunds. Please e-mail us to request a cancellation. Costs for bank wire transfers may be charged.

Becoming a member after registration is not a valid reason for cancellation, the registration fees will not be refunded.