OCNS Director Duties

The responsibilities of OCNS Directors are described in the OCNS Bylaws with additional rules specified here.

All Directors are expected to attend the Board meetings which take place during the annual CNS meeting.

  • In addition Directors take active duties in running OCNS. Duties of the current Directors are listed below. In general one can distinguish between ex officio appointed Directors who take on great responsibilities, like the Program Chair and Local Organizer, and elected Directors who have smaller responsibilities. Some of these duties are year round, like Web Administrator, others are concentrated in time, like Travel Awards. Directors are expected to execute their duties diligently and respect confidentiality.
  • Incoming Directors are often appointed as 'assistants' to learn the ropes from an end of mandate Director. Directors' duties are discussed at the board meeting and decided based on consensus.
  • Some Directors are also member of committees which entails additional duties. Directors may volunteer to become Officers, such as President, Vice-President or Treasurer, and can be appointed as such by the Board. In case there are several candidates for an officer position the Board will elect the new Officer. 

To know more about the current list of Directors, see the current OCNS Board of Directors

Description of Board Member Tasks