New Registration Rules FAQ

  • Why has one of the authors to register before submitting an abstract?
    Since CNS 2012 meeting registration by a sponsoring author has been a requirement for inclusion in the program and the published abstracts. The new registration rules, therefore, only change the time of registration. By requiring registration before abstract submission we now enforce the registration rule automatically and eliminate the onerous work of identifying abstracts without registered authors and persuading authors to register. It also simplifies tracking of member (can sponsor 2 abstracts) versus non-member (only one abstract) submissions. Note that several other international meetings require registration before abstract submission, e.g. the FENS Forum meetings.
  • How do you define sponsoring and presenting author?
    The sponsoring author is an author of the abstract who registers for the meeting. Every abstract requires one sponsoring author, of course all authors are encouraged to register and attend the meeting. The presenting author is normally the first author and is expected to give the talk or present the poster, therefore (s)he also has to register but this can be done at a later date. Sponsoring and presenting author can be the same person but this is not required, both must of course be authors of the abstract. 
  • Can I give the abstract voucher to somebody else?
    You can give your abstract voucher to any co-author of the abstract and have that author do the abstract submission. Note that a voucher can be used by only a single author to submit one abstract (non-member registration) or two abstracts (member registration).
  • Do I need to register before applying for a travel grant?
    This is not required, but one of the co-authors has to register before abstract submission. You should be an OCNS member and presenting author of a submitted abstract. See the Travel Awards page for more info. Of course you must register at a later date to attend the CNS meeting. 
  • I cannot be reimbursed for registration as long as my abstract has not been accepted.
    We will let authors know much faster whether their abstract has been accepted, or not. This will happen before end of March. 
  • I will not attend the meeting if my abstract is not accepted.
    We will offer to fully reimburse the registration fee you already paid if your abstract is not accepted.
  • I do not know yet whether I will have funds to attend the meeting.
    We try to keep the costs of the CNS meeting, including member registration, as low as possible. 
  • I do not know yet who will present this work at the meeting.
    Depending on the plans of the supervisor/senior author we have two suggestions: 
    • if the supervisor/senior author will for sure attend the CNS meeting, (s)he should register as sponsoring author. If at a later stage it is decided that the student or postdoc will also attend the CNS meeting a second registration can be made.
    • alternatively, the most likely presenting author should register as sponsoring author. If a change of registration is required, the first registration should be canceled by early May (90% refund before May 24) and a new one made. Contact us (by e-mail) to cancel the first registration and to change the abstract sponsoring author to the new registration.
  • My post-doc/student will only present if he/she receives a travel award.   
    See response to previous question: have the senior author register.
  • I have two abstracts to submit from my lab, do both presenting authors need to register before submission?
    If one of the authors is an OCNS member (s)he can register and sponsor both abstracts as sponsoring author. The presenting author(s) can then register later.
    If none of the authors is an OCNS member, they should consider becoming a member. Alternatively, both presenting authors can register as sponsoring authors and submit their abstracts separately.  
  • Earlier you mentioned a Two-payments option?
    It was our goal to offer the option to pay only 10% of the registration fee in January/February with automatic payment of the remainder three months later. Unfortunately we have not been able to implement this, due to incompatibilities between the APIs of PayPal and this website.