CNS 2009 Workshops

Anaesthesia and sleep: Recent experimental and theoretical aspects

organized by Axel Hutt.

Methods of information theory in computational neuroscience

organized by Aurel A. Lazar and Alexander G. Dimitrov.

PhD and postdoc career development

organized by Lars Schwabe.

Large cortical oscillations: Mechanistic and computational aspects

organized by Caroline Geisler and Horacio G. Rotstein.

Modeling migraine: From nonlinear dynamics to clinical neurology

organized by Markus A. Dahlem and Sebastiano Stramaglia.

Automated parameter fitting for compartmental models

organized by Erik De Schutter.

Cortical microcircuit models of information processing and plasticity

organized by Vassilis Cutsuridis and Thomas Wennekers.

Modeling neural mass action in brain networks using delay differential equations

organized by Fatihcan M. Atay and Thomas Knösche.

Olfactory learning and memory in insects

organized by A. Yarali and J. Wessnitzer.

Activity-dependent structural plasticity – from cell cultures to cortical networks

organized by Markus Butz and Arjen Van Ooyen.

Quantitative models of behaviour

organized by Aldo Faisal and Greg Stephens.

Python in Neuroscience

organized by Eilif Muller, Jens Kremkow, Andrew Davison and Romain Brette.

Multistability in neurodynamics

organized by Gennady Cymbalyuk.

Statistical analysis of multi-cell recordings: Linking population coding models to experimental data

organized by Matthias Bethge, Jakob Macke and Philipp Berens.

Modern mathematical neurodynamics: bridging single cells to networks

organized by Marc Timme.