CNS 2011 Student poster award winners

Springer Book and 1 year OCNS membership

1 Author Farinella Poster# 301 Title: Synaptic integration and NMDA spikes in a layer 5 pyramidal neuron model

2 Author Khosravi Poster# 33 Title: Coding Motion Direction by Action Potential Patterns

3 Author Boris Marin Poster# 52 Title: Bringing rest into consideration: analyzing a database of computational models for multistability of oscillatory and stationary regimes

4 Author Ladenbauer Poster# 240 Title: Effects of adaptation and synaptic plasticity on synchronization of coupled oscillating neurons

5 Author Engbers Poster# 344 Title: IKCa-Cav3 complex creates a high pass filter for parallel fiber input in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Awarded a Springer book

6 Author Talasila Poster# 8 Title: Effects of Stochastic Inputs on Calcium-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity

7 Author Hermundstad Poster# 31 Title: Architectural constraints on learning and memory function

8 Author Gidon Poster# 291 Title: Inhibitory coverage of dendritic excitation

9 Author Panas Poster# 146 Title: What can MaxEnt reveal about high-density recordings and what can high-density recordings reveal about MaxEnt?

10 Author Inagaki Poster# 347 Title: Visualization and analysis of peripheral drift illusion

11 Author Yim Poster# 182 Title: Uncorrelated inputs enhance signal representation in the inhibitory striatum network

12 Author Schultze-Kraft Poster# 144 Title: Correlation transmission of spiking neurons is boosted by synchronous input

13 Author Ferguson Poster# 305 Title: Basket cell contributions to the generation of theta rhythms in model hippocampal CA1 networks

14 Author Gerhard Poster# 123 Title: Efficient modeling of neural activity using coupled renewal processes

15 Author Kretzberg Poster# 180 Title: Encoding of tactile stimulus parameters by mechanosensory P cells of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis

16 Author Cabral Poster# 63 Title: Simulated functional networks in health and schizophrenia: a graph theoretical approach

17 Author Knuesel Poster# 158 Title: Effects of muscle dynamics and proprioceptive feedback on the kinematics and CPG activity of salamander stepping

18 Author Stella Poster# 340 Title: Reorganization of spatial maps in the hippocampal circuit

19 Author Mensi Poster# 119 Title: Automatic Characterization of Three Cortical Neuron Types Reveals Two Distinct Adaptation Mechanisms

20 Author Schwalger Poster# 199 Title: How stochastic adaptation of neurons shapes interspike interval statistics – theory and experiment

21 Author Roemschied Poster# 287 Title: Temperature differentially affects subsequent layers of auditory neurons in the locust

22 Author Kunkel Poster# 229 Title: Fail-safe detection of threshold crossings of linear integrate-and-fire neuron models in time-driven simulations

23 Author Messer Poster# 268 Title: Detection and localization of multiple rate changes in Poisson spike trains

24 Author Stigen Poster# 223 Title: Controlling Spike Timing and Synchrony in Oscillatory Neurons

25 Author Jarvis Poster# 85 Title: Burst initiation and propagation in cortical cultures requires an inhomogeneous connectivity distribution and synaptic rescaling

26 Author Lewis Poster# 136 Title: A computational model of interconnected basal ganglia-thalamocortical loops for goal directed action sequences

27 Author Hauser Poster# 247 Title: Different neural codes result in bidirectional connectivity formed by the same model of spike-timing-dependent plasticity

28 Author Reifenstein Poster# 288 Title: Enthorinal phase precession revisited – single-run analysis of in-vivo grid cell data

29 Author Bicanski Poster# 157 Title: Modeling axial spinal segments of the salamander central pattern generator for locomotion

30 Author Beverlin II Poster# 11 Title: Disruption of tonic-clonic seizures using periodic stimulation of model neurons