CNS*2024 Natal: Oral Presentations

The main meeting of the annual CNS conference is a single track meeting with a program of invited keynote lectures, and featured and standard oral contributions. Oral contributions are selected from submitted abstracts whose authors have requested consideration for oral presentation as their preferred mode of presentation at the meeting. There are two types of oral presentations.

Featured orals

The program features a small number of featured oral presentations, typically one per day.  Featured orals are chosen by the Program Committee from abstracts that received highest scores from expert reviewers, and are allocated 25 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for questions.

Standard Orals

From the remaining abstracts whose authors have indicated preference for oral presentation, the standard orals are chosen based on reviewer scores and to strike a balance with respect to programme grouping, and topic and speaker diversity. The entire oral programme, including grouping, is decided by the Program Committee in detailed discussions informed by the expert reviewer reports on the abstracts. Standard oral presentations are 15 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for questions.