CNS*2024 Natal: Call for Tutorials
Natal (Brazil), July 20-24, 2024  

Proposal submission for Tutorials for the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Organization of Computational Neurosciences (CNS*2024) is now open. 

Tutorials will occur on the first day of CNS*2024 at the meeting venue in Natal, Brazil, on July 20, 2024.

Tutorials are intended to introduce the principal methodologies of various fields in Computational Neuroscience. As such, they should tailor early-stage investigators and researchers entering a new field in Computational Neuroscience. They can have the form of (i) Introductory FULL DAY courses, (ii) Specialized HALF DAY tutorials, and (iii) 1.5-to-3-HOUR  software SHOWCASE. Proposals for virtual tutorials or tutorials in hybrid formats will NOT be considered.              

The proposal must be submitted as a single PDF file following the template at this link and include the following sections:

  1. Tutorial title.
  2. Organizers (Specify primary organizers first, including affiliations and email contacts).
  3. Tutorial format (full-day, half-day, showcase).
  4. Brief Description (max. 300 words; include links to relevant software).
  5. Tentative list of Speakers/Instructors.
  6. Tentative Tutorial Program (optional).
  7. Specify the career stage for Organizers and Speakers.
  8. Specify one participant's name (as a Speaker or Organizer) will be considered for a Registration Waiver. If no registration waiver is requested, please specify that "No registration waiver is requested."
  9. Specify the infrastructure required for the tutorial, including (i) flat Internet connection, (ii) whiteboard and markers, (iii) projector, and (iv) other (please specify).   

In devising a Tutorial Proposal, please consider that "half-day" roughly accounts for 2.5 HOURS based on the meeting program. Hence, half-day tutorials, including one coffee break, are scheduled for the morning or afternoon. Full-day tutorials take place in the morning and afternoon, including two coffee and one lunch break. Based on past meetings, tutorials are expected to start by 9 AM and end by 5 PM on the first day of CNS*2024, with anticipated coffee breaks of approximately 30 minutes around 10.15 AM and 3.15 PM and a lunch break between 12 and 2 PM. Please plan your tutorial sessions accordingly.

Proposal for CNS*2024 Tutorials must be submitted by email to [email protected] specifying in the email subject: [CNS*2024] Tutorial Proposal: <Title>


All organisers and presenters have free registration FOR THE TUTORIALS. As approved by the OCNS Board on July 13, 2019, accepted tutorials are eligible to receive a MAXIMUM OF ONE MEETING REGISTRATION WAIVER for an organizer/presenter. Software showcase sessions DO NOT receive funding, travel awards, or free registration.

Registration Waivers will be assigned AFTER Tutorial acceptance, and recipients of those waivers will be notified accordingly by the Tutorial Chair in conjunction with the Travel Award Chair. Nominees for registration waivers who will not be awarded a registration waiver will also be notified. Nominees of registration waivers should hold their registration to the meeting until they receive notification of the results of the waiver award selection (expected by mid-March 2024).


The submission deadline for Tutorial Proposals is February 19, 2024 (11:59 EST).

Please address any questions to Maurizio DE PITTA, the Tutorial Chair for CNS*2024, by email at [email protected].


Tutorial Submission Template for CNS*2024.

Tutorial examples from last year's CNS*2023 meeting.