CNS*2023: Call for Tutorials

Tutorial proposal submission instructions for CNS*2023

Tutorials are intended to introduce the main methodologies of various fields in Computational Neuroscience. Tutorials should be tailored for early-stage investigators and researchers entering a new field in Computational Neuroscience.

CNS*2023 Tutorials will take place on the first day of the meeting, 15 July 2023, with a typical total attendance of ca. 100 participants allowing for four concurrent sessions during the day.

Three different formats are available:

  • Introductory FULL DAY courses 
  • Specialized HALF DAY tutorials 
  • 30 MINUTES software showcase 

As approved by the OCNS Board on July 13, 2019, accepted tutorials are eligible to receive a maximum of one tutorial registration waiver for an organizer and, exceptionally, an additional tutorial registration waiver depending on the length of the tutorial. Software showcase sessions DO NOT receive funding, travel awards, or free registration.

The proposal should be submitted as a single PDF file and MUST include the following sections:

  1.     Tutorial title
  2.     Organizers (Specify primary organizers first, including affiliations and email contacts)
  3.     Tutorial format (full-day, half-day, showcase)
  4.     Brief Description (max. 300 words; include links to relevant software)
  5.     Tentative list of Speakers/Instructors.
  6.     Specify the career stage for Organizers and Speakers 
  7.     One participant's name (in the form of a Speaker or Organizer) to be considered for a Registration Waiver  


Please refer to tutorials from the past meeting for examples. Showcases will be combined into one continuous afternoon program.

SUBMISSION. Proposal for CNS*2023 Tutorials must be submitted by email to tutorials AT The deadline for tutorial proposals submission is April 22, 2023 (11:59 EST).

REGISTRATION. Tutorial registration will occur through the OCNS registration website for CNS*2023. ALL TUTORIAL PARTICIPANTS, INCLUDING SPEAKERS, MUST REGISTER FOR THE MAIN MEETING. 

REGISTRATION WAIVERS. A limited number of Tutorial Registration Waivers will be available for tutorial organizers. A MAXIMUM OF ONE WAIVER PER TUTORIAL will be assigned to the Tutorial Organizers. Only under exceptional and motivated circumstances, the Tutorial Chair may decide to allocate an additional waiver to specific Tutorials, depending on funding availability. ONLY TUTORIAL SPEAKERS AND ORGANIZERS can be ELIGIBLE to receive a waiver. Generic meeting attendees are not. Tutorial Organizers need to specify in their Tutorial proposal which speaker(s) would like to be considered for a registration waiver. The Tutorial Chair reserves the right to approve or not a registration waiver based on seniority, with priority given to early-career researchers.

Please address any questions to tutorials AT

Maurizio DE PITTA, Tutorials Chair for CNS*2023