CNS*2021 Online: Tutorials 

Tutorials are intended as introductions into main methodologies of various fields in computational neuroscience. This year, CNS tutorials offer introductory full day courses covering a wide range of different topics as well as specialized half day tutorials all taking place over the week preceding the event. Tutorials are particularly tailored for early stage researchers as well as researchers entering a new field in computational neuroscience. Tutorials are grouped into the following categories: Software Tutorials on Mon/Tues June 28/29th, Satellite Tutorials on Wed-Fri June 30th-July 2nd, Tutorials and Showcases on July 3rd.

Tutorial times are from 9:00-12:30 and from 14:00-17:30 EST/NY time.

For inquiries related to tutorials, please contact the tutorials organizer: [email protected]. Please note that the program is not final.

Software tutorials, June 28-29

Effective use of Bash Shailesh Appukuttan and Ankur Sinha TBA SO1 TBA
Effective use of Git Shailesh Appukuttan and Ankur Sinha TBA SO2 TBA
Effective use of Python Shailesh Appukuttan and Ankur Sinha TBA SO3 TBA

Satellite tutorials, June 30 - July 2

Introducing the Arbor simulator: what’s new and hands-on tutorial Brent F. B. Huisman TBA SA1 TBA
Building, validating, analysing, and simulating standardised computational models using NeuroML Ankur Sinha, Angus Silver, and Padraig Gleeson TBA SA2 TBA
Signal processing and data analysis in Matlab Dr. Cengiz Gunay (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) TBA SA3 TBA
Methods from Data Science for Model Simulation, Analysis, and Visualization Dr. Cengiz Gunay (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) and Dr. Anca Doloc-Mihu (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) TBA SA4 TBA
From synapses to behavior – using open data, tools, and models from the Allen Institute in computational neuroscience Anton Arkhipov, Luke Campagnola, Saskia de Vries, Marina Garrett, Alex Piet, and Josh Siegle TBA SA5 TBA

Tutorials, July 3

Building biophysically detailed neuronal models from molecules to networks with NEURON and NetPyNE Dr. Robert A McDougal (Yale University, USA), Dr. Salvador Dura-Bernal (SUNY Downstate, USA), and Dr. William W Lytton (SUNY Downstate, USA) TBA T1 TBA
Recurrent Neural Networks dynamics and software implementation with Keras and TensorFlow Dr. Cecilia Jarne (University of Quilmes and CONICET Bernal, Argentina) TBA T2 TBA
Understanding early visual receptive fields from efficient coding principles Dr. Li Zhaoping, University of Tuebingen, Germany TBA T3 TBA
Interactive design and analysis of point neuron spiking networks with synaptic plasticity using NEST Simulator Charl Linssen (JARA-Institute, Jülich, Germany), Barna Zajzon, Sebastian Spreizer (University of Trier, Germany), Jasper Albers, and Dennis Terhorst TBA T4 TBA

Showcases, July 3

GPU enhanced Neuronal Networks – GeNN Dr. Thomas Nowotny (University of Sussex) and James C Knight TBA S1 TBA
Simulating spiking neural networks with the Brian 2 simulator Marcel Stimberg and Dan Goodman TBA S2 TBA
CompNeuroFedora - a community developed Free/Open Source Operating System for computational neuroscience Ankur Sinha TBA S3 TBA
Introduction to the Brain Dynamics Toolbox Dr. Stewart Heitmann (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia) TBA S4 TBA
Tools for Leveraging Feature-Based Time-Series Analysis to Characterize Neural Dynamics Dr. Ben D Fulcher (The University of Sydney) TBA S5 TBA
Correcting for Autocorrelation-induced Bias in Linear-dependence Measures: with Applications to Functional Connectivity Analysis Oliver Cliff TBA S6 TBA