CNS*2020 Online: Tutorials 

Whole day tutorials

New interfaces for teaching with NEST: hands-on with the NEST Desktop GUI and NESTML code generation Wouter Klijn (SimLab, JARA, Jülich, Germany), Charl Linssen (JARA-Institute, Jülich, Germany), and Sebastian Spreizer (University of Trier, Germany) T1 TBA
Building mechanistic multiscale models, from molecules to networks, using NEURON and NetPyNE Dr. Salvador Dura-Bernal (SUNY Downstate, USA), Dr. Robert A McDougal (Yale University, USA), and Dr. William W Lytton (SUNY Downstate, USA) T2 TBA

Half-day tutorials

Tools and techniques to bridge the gap between models and closed-loop neuroscience experiments Dr. Pablo Varona (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain), Manuel Reyes Sanchez (UAM, Spain), and Rodrigo Amaducci (UAM, Spain) T3 TBA
Neuromorphic VLSI realization of the Hippocampal formation Dr. Anu Aggarwal (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA) T4 TBA
The use of Keras with Tensor Flow applied to neural models and data analysis Dr. Cecilia Jarne (University of Quilmes and CONICET Bernal, Argentina) T5 TBA
Methods from Data Science for Model Simulation, Analysis, and Visualization Dr. Cengiz Gunay (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) and Dr. Anca Doloc-Mihu (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) T6 TBA
Characterizing neural dynamics using highly comparative time-series analysis Dr. Ben D Fulcher (The University of Sydney) T7 TBA


Information theory and directed network inference (using JIDT and IDTxl) Leonardo Novelli (The University of Sydney, Australia) and Dr. Joseph T. Lizier (The University of Sydney, Australia)  T8 TBA
Introduction to the Brain Dynamics Toolbox Dr. Stewart Heitmann (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia) T9 TBA
Advances in the PANDORA Matlab Toolbox for intracellular electrophysiology data Dr. Cengiz Gunay (SST, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA) T10 TBA