CNS*2019 Barcelona: Social activities

Three CNS organized social events will be held during the conference:

  • Saturday, July 13th - Welcome Reception.
  • Sunday, July 14th - Dinner Banquet (paid in addition to registration fee).
  • Monday, July 15th - Party.

Welcome reception

Saturday, July 13th: Welcome reception at the Central Garden of the UB Historic Building.

Image of garden 1
Image of garden 2
Image of garden 3
Image of garden 4
Image of garden 5

Dinner Banquet

Sunday, July 14th: The dinner will be hosted in the “El Cangrejo Loco” restaurant.
Image of the restaurant
Image of the restaurant


Monday, July 15th: The party will take place at Bambú Beach Bar.

Image of bar 1
Image of bar 2