CNS*2019 Barcelona: Call for Workshops

Workshop proposal submission instructions for CNS*2019

Workshops, in which computationally related neuroscience topics can be presented, will take place during the last two days (July 16 and July 17 2019) of the 28th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting. For each workshop, usually several speakers are invited to introduce a unifying theme, but ample time for discussion should also be planned.

Please note that there is a change in the format of the meeting compared to previous years. The main meeting will conclude on July 16, with a keynote lecture and a poster session taking place in the afternoon. The morning of July 16 is reserved for workshops. A goal of this “mixed day” of the meeting is to facilitate an overlap of attendance. Participants who have registered for either the main meeting or the workshops will be allowed to attend all of the events on July 16 (workshops, keynote, poster session). The last day of the meeting, July 17, is reserved for workshops, as in the previous years (workshop registration will be required to attend).

Accordingly, the possible duration of a workshop is anywhere from 0.5 days (one session lasting 3.5 hours) to 1.5 days (three half-day sessions). Half-day workshops will be preferentially scheduled for July 16. They will thus offer the opportunity to attract a wider audience still present for the main meeting. Submit workshop proposals to: [email protected]. The Past Meetings page gives access to archives of workshops held at previous CNS meetings.

The proposal should be submitted as a Word or pdf file and MUST include the following sections:

  1.     Workshop title
  2.     Organizers (list primary organizer first; include affiliations and emails)
  3.     Workshop duration (half day, one or two days, there are 2 sessions per day)
  4.     Number of expected speakers
  5.     Brief Description (~150 words; if possible, say why this is significant or timely)
  6.     Speakers (mark expected or confirmed)


Also please note the following rules which were approved by the OCNS Board on July 15, 2013:

  • Each individual can be the organizer or co-organizer of only one workshop.
  • The number of confirmed speakers is one of the criteria for accepting the proposal.
  • Overlapping proposals may be asked to be combined. If the organizers do not wish to combine the proposals, only one of the proposals may be accepted.

DEADLINE: Workshops submitted before January 31, 2019 will be given priority in acceptance. Update as of March 1: with 22 scheduled workshops, the full capacity of the conference venue has been reached. We do not anticipate accepting further workshops proposals. Please address any questions to workshops AT

Martin Zapotocky, Workshop Organizer for CNS 2019