CNS*2019 Barcelona: Call for Tutorials

Tutorial proposal submission instructions for CNS*2019

Tutorials are intended as introductions into main methodologies of various fields in computational neuroscience. Tutorials are particularly tailored for early stage researchers as well as researchers entering a new field in computational neuroscience. The tutorials are held on the first day, the 13 July 2019, with a typical total attendance of ca. 100 students allowing for four concurrent sessions during the day.

Three different formats are available:

  • Introductory FULL DAY courses (incl. some reimbursement for the tutors)
  • Specialized HALF DAY tutorials (incl. some reimbursement for the tutors)
  • 30 MINUTES software showcase (no funding available)

Submit tutorial proposals to: [email protected]. Please compare with last year’s tutorials. Note that our new format, the showcases, will combine to one continuous afternoon program.

The proposal should be submitted as a Word or pdf file and MUST include the following sections:

  1.     Workshop title
  2.     Organizers (list primary organizer first; include affiliations and emails)
  3.     Tutorial format (full day, half day, showcase)
  4.     Brief Description (~300 words; include links to relevant software)


DEADLINE: Tutorial proposals should be submitted before January 31, 2019.

Hermann Cuntz, Tutorial Organizer for CNS*2019