CNS 2016 Jeju, South Korea: Workshops



2-day workshop

  Wednesday 6 July and Thursday 7 July
Methods of Information Theory in Compuational Neuroscience
Organizers: Joseph T Lizier, Justin Dauwels, Taro Toyoizumi, Alexander G. Dimitrov, Lubomir Kostal

Rooms : 301A + 301B

1-day workshops

  Wednesday 6 July

Connectome: Structure and Large Scale Dynamics
Organizers: Leonardo L. Gollo, James A. Roberts

Room : 302


Dynamical principles in Neural circuits
Organizers: Andrey Shilnikov, Akira Sakurai

Room : 402A

  Thursday 7 July

Statistical Analysis for Neural Time Series
Organizers: Il Memming Park, Ian Stevenson

Room : 302

Multi-Area Models of Cortex
Organizers: Sacha Jennifer van Albada, Gustavo Deco

Room : 402A

Half-day workshops


Cortical Microcircuits: Understanding network structure and function in cortical processing
Organizers: Hamish Meffin, Anthony Burkitt

Room : 303A + 303B
  Wednesday 6 July (Afternoon)

Recent advances and applications in real-time single-trial EEG analysis
Organizers: Tzyy-Ping Jung, John K. Zao, Jee Hyun Choi

Room :  303A + 303B