CNS 2014 Québec City: Registration Fees


The fees are similar to previous years but the refund policy has changed.

Different rates are charged for Students, Postdocs, and Faculty (and others) and OCNS Members receive large reductions in each category. You can apply to become a member if you want to.

Early registration ends May 1, 2014, 11pm US Pacific time for non-members and May 15, 2014 for members. Afterward late registration fees are charged.

You can add to your initial registration at a later date.

Student Member rates: 
Main meeting only: 180 USD (late registration: 225 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 300 USD (late registration: 375 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 220 USD (late registration: 275 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 260 USD (late registration: 325 USD)
Tutorials only: 60 USD (late registration: 75 USD)
Workshops only: 110 USD (late registration: 140 USD) 
Workshops (only 1 day): 75 USD (late registration: 95 USD)

Student rates:
Main meeting only: 270 USD (late registration: 340 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 450 USD (late registration: 560 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 330 USD (late registration: 410 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 390 USD (late registration: 490 USD)
Tutorials only: 90 USD (late registration: 110 USD)
Workshops only: 165 USD (late registration: 210 USD)
Workshops (only 1 day): 115 USD (late registration: 145 USD)

Postdoc Member rates:
Main meeting only: 220 USD (late registration: 285 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 365 USD (late registration: 475 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 270 USD (late registration: 350 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 315 USD (late registration: 410 USD)
Tutorials only: 75 USD (late registration: 95 USD)
Workshops only: 135 USD (late registration: 175 USD)
Workshops (only 1 day): 90 USD (late registration: 115 USD)

Postdoc rates:
Main meeting only: 360 USD (late registration: 470 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 600 USD (late registration: 780 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 440 USD (late registration: 570 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 520 USD (late registration: 675 USD)
Tutorials only: 130 USD (late registration: 170 USD)
Workshops only: 220 USD (late registration: 285 USD)
Workshops (only 1 day): 155 USD (late registration: 200 USD)

Faculty Member rates:
Main meeting only: 320 USD (late registration: 415 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 530 USD (late registration: 690 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 390 USD (late registration: 505 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 455 USD (late registration: 595 USD)
Tutorials only: 110 USD (late registration: 140 USD)
Workshops only: 195 USD (late registration: 255 USD)
Workshops (only 1 day): 130 USD (late registration: 165 USD)

Faculty and others:
Main meeting only: 530 USD (late registration: 690 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials + workshops: 880 USD (late registration: 1100 USD)
Main meeting + tutorials: 645 USD (late registration: 840 USD)
Main meeting + workshops: 765 USD (late registration: 995 USD)
Tutorials only: 220 USD (late registration: 280 USD)
Workshops only: 325 USD (late registration: 420 USD)
Workshops (only 1 day): 240 USD (late registration: 310 USD)

Printed program book: 15 USD (pdf version of program book is freely available).

Additional banquet ticket: 70 USD (one banquet ticket is included in the main meeting registration fee).

T-shirt: 15 USD. Note that the fees must be paid and size identified on registration to receive the T-shirt(s). Limited quantities will be available on-site. These fees will not be refunded. 

Fees for accepted abstract publication in the supplement to BMC Neuroscience are covered by OCNS through the main registration fees.


Registration through this website opens on January 15, 2014.

Payment by credit card or check (complete payment only) in US dollars.  Checks should be sent to OCNS and arrive within two weeks of registration.

The only acknowledgement of registration and payment is by e-mail. Make sure all necessary information (institution address, VAT, etc.) is entered in the appropriate box. If you need an invoice this should be requested well in advance. Certificates of attendance can be obtained at the meeting.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Registration/Optional Fees:
90% refund if cancelled by May 1, 2014.
70% refund if cancelled by June 20, 2014.
No refund if cancelled after June 20, 2014. No partial refunds.
e-mail us to request a cancellation. Costs for bank wire transfers may be charged.
Becoming a member after registration is not a valid reason for cancellation, the registration fees will not be refunded.