CNS 2012 Student poster award winners

Springer Book and 2 year OCNS membership

Michael Hull, The role of electrical coupling in the decision to initiate swimming in young frog tadpoles

Sarah Jarvis, Axonal anisotropy and connectivity inhomogeneities in 2D networks

Liliya Avdiyenko, Testing entropy-based search strategies for a visual classification task

Awarded a Springer book

Jovana Belic, Neuronal avalanches and the cortico-striatal network

Haroon Anwar, A computational study of stochastic mechanisms in dendritic calcium spike generation

Meagan Woodford, Tracking sub-syllabic features in zebra finch song during development

Prashanth Selvaraj, Charge balanced control of seizure like activity in a two dimensional cortical model

David Leen, A simple mechanism for higher order correlations in integrate and fire neurons 

Anand Kulkarni, Variability of inter-syllable gaps challenges the branched-chain model of sequence production in Bengalese finches

Vladislav Sekulic, Using model databases to determine dendritic distributions of Ih channels in oriens-lacunosum/moleculare hippocampal interneurons

Jordan Engbers, Cav3-KCa3.1 complex enhances detection of facilitating parallel fiber inputs in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Maximilian Puelma Touzel, Features of chaotic activity in a balanced network of Type II neuronal oscillators

Allison Del Giorno, Methodology for extracting activity from functional calcium imaging data

Sharon Norman, Fixed point topology and robustness to perturbations between pairs of coupled neurons

Vera Dadok, Interpretation of seizure evolution pathways via a mean-field cortical model

Espen Hagen, Modeling realistic extracellular spiking activity in populations of neurons for the purpose of evaluating automatic spike-sorting

Robert Kerr, Reinforcement learning of 2-joint virtual arm reaching in motor cortex simulation

Heather Brooks, Neuronal transmission of timing precision: dependence on intrinsic and synaptic properties

Santiago Archila, Investigating synaptic plasticity in the crab Cancer borealis pyloric circuit and in a computational pyloric model network