Core journals in computational neuroscience

Note: The categorization of the following list is fully subjective and the list does not claim to be complete.

Editor-in-Chief: A. Destexhe and J. Victor

Editor-in-Chief: R. Wang

Speciality Chief Editor: M. Tsodyks

Editor-in-Chief: T.J. Sejnowski

Editor-in-Chief: P.E. Bourne

Editor-in-Chief: G.J. Goodhill

Editor-in-Chief: T. Heskes

Editor-in-Chief: J. L. van Hemmen
Co-Editors-in-Chief: W. Senn and J. Rinzel

Editors-in-Chief: P. Latham and V. Murthy


Journals in other domains publishing computational neuroscience work 

Editors-in-Chief: S. Coombes, O.D. Faugeras

Editor-in-Chief: T. Kaper

Editor-in-Chief: M.J. Miksis

Co-editors: L.O. Chua and G.R. Chen

Editor-in-Chief: D.A. Campbell

Editor-in-Chief: J.G. Bjaalie

Editors-in-Chief: G.A. Ascoli, E. De Schutter and D.N. Kennedy

Editor-in-Chief: B. Wheeler

Editors-in-Chief: V. Crunelli and G. Gerhardt