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  • Registration for CNS 2015 is open here.
  • Call for location of CNS 2017, at a location inside Europe.
  • Three new directors elected
    Nicoladie Tam, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen and Daniel Wójcik have been elected as the three new directors of OCNS for 2015-2018.
  • Prague 2015
    Find out more about the next annual meeting, CNS 2015 in Prague.
  • Program Committee
    Details of the ONCS Program Committee for 2015 can be found here.
  • CNS 2014 abstracts online
    The abstracts for the 2014 meeting in Québec City are available online at BioMed Central.

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The purpose of the Organization for Computational Neurosciences is to create a scientific and educational forum for students, scientists, other professionals and the general public to learn about, to share, to contribute to, and to advance the state of knowledge in computational neuroscience.

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