CNS 2018 Seattle: Preliminary Workshops Program

For inquiries related to these workshops, please contact the workshop organiser: Note that the Call for Workshops is still open.

2 days workshops

Methods of Information Theory in Computational Neuroscience

Joseph T. Lizier (Chair), Viola Priesemann, Justin Dauwels, Taro Toyoizumi, Alexander G. Dimitrov, Lubomir Kostal, Michael Wibral

Joseph Lizier


1 days workshops

Neuronal morphology and structure Alexander D Bird, André Castro, Hermann Cuntz Alexander Bird
Insights gained by detailed dendritic modeling Dieter Jaeger, Volker Steuber Dieter Jaeger
Bridging Spatial and Temporal Scales in Brain Connectomics Matthieu Gilson, Katharina Glomb Katharina Glomb
Integration Theories of Cortical Function Hamish Meffin, Stefan Mihalas, Anthony Burkitt Hamish Meffin
How does learning reshape the dimensionality of collective network activity? Merav Stern, Guillaume Lajoie, Rainer Engelken Rainer Engelken
Models for perceiving and learning time intervals and rhythms Áine Byrne, John Rinzel, Amit Bose Áine Byrne
Towards new models for cognitive flexibility Rajeev Rikhye Rajeev Rikhye


half day workshops

Neuroscience Gateway and Large Scale Neural Systems Simulations and Tools Amit Majumdar, Subhashini Sivagnanam, Ted Carnevale Amit Majumdar