CNS 2015 Prague: Poster Presentations

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Poster ID Abstract ID Date Title Contact author
P1 268 Sun 19th July Computational modeling of heterosynaptic plasticity in the hippocampus Peter Jedlicka
P2 5 Sun 19th July The sensori-motor model of the hippocampal place cells Anu Aggarwal
P3 141 Sun 19th July Short desynchronization epochs in neural synchronization: detection, mechanisms, and functions. Leonid Rubchinsky
P4 349 Sun 19th July Robust estimation of millisecond timescale synchrony under nonstationary conditions and its physiological interpretation Jonathan Platkiewicz
P5 62 Sun 19th July Effects of a reduced efficacy of the KCC2 co-transporter in Temporal Epilepsy: single neuron and network study Buchin Anatoly
P6 115 Sun 19th July Role of topology in the spontaneous cortical activity Silvia Scarpetta
P7 285 Sun 19th July A network model of neural activity in essential tremor Nada Yousif
P8 113 Sun 19th July A biophysical neural network model for visual working memory that accounts for memory binding errors Joao Barbosa
P9 276 Sun 19th July Postsynaptic mechanisms influencing the duration of depolarization discharges in hyperexcitable neuro-glial networks Vasily Grigorovsky
P10 84 Sun 19th July Different weightings of input components to hippocampal CA1 place cells in young and aged rats Frances Chance
P11 272 Sun 19th July Mechanisms of hippocampal sequence replay Paola Malerba
P12 332 Sun 19th July Bayesian Supervised Learning and State Estimation in a Model of the Cerebellum Campbell Benjamin
P13 32 Sun 19th July Investigating intrinsic and evoked activities in cultured neuronal networks by dimensional reduction techniques and high-density MEAs Thierry Nieus
P14 112 Sun 19th July Cell assembly dynamics of sparse inhibitory networks: a simple model for the activity of the Medium Spiny Neurons David Angulo-Garcia
P15 296 Sun 19th July Sharp wave-ripple complexes in a reduced model of the hippocampal CA3-CA1 network of the macaque monkey Michel Besserve
P16 249 Sun 19th July Modelling the Mechanoreceptor's Dynamic Behaviour Zhuoyi Song
P17 230 Sun 19th July The functional significance of fasciculation and repulsion in a computational model of axon growth Robert Merrison-Hort
P18 164 Sun 19th July Are rich club regions masters or slaves of brain network dynamics? Leonardo LGollo
P19 139 Sun 19th July Multi-compartmental modeling in Brian 2 Dan Goodman
P20 179 Sun 19th July Emergence of ITD tuning in the MSO with a realistic periphery model Pierre Yger
P21 124 Sun 19th July Proteomics investigation identifies prominent changes in synapse-related proteins in a fragile X mouse model Jantine Broek
P22 45 Sun 19th July Numerical Simulations in Two-Dimensional Neural Fields Pedro Lima
P23 354 Sun 19th July The Neurodynamics of Epilepsy: A homotopy analysis between current-based and conductance-based synapses in a neural field model of epilepsy Andre Peterson
P24 146 Sun 19th July Incremental stability of delayed neural fields: a unifying framework for endogenous and exogenous sources of pathological oscillations Detorakis Georgios
P25 103 Sun 19th July A Spiking network model of Basal Ganglia to study the effect of Dopamine medication and STN-DBS during Probabilistic Learning task Srinivasa Chakravarthy
P26 104 Sun 19th July Modulation of neural firing through intracellular ATP dynamics governed by energy feedback from the vascular system Srinivasa Chakravarthy
P27 107 Sun 19th July Could the prior development of the retinotopic map account for the radial bias in the orientation map in V1? Ryan Philips
P28 108 Sun 19th July An auto-encoder network realizes sparse features under the influence of desynchronized vascular dynamics Ryan Philips
P29 344 Sun 19th July A model of learning temporal delays, representative of adaptive myelination Meenakshi Asokan
P30 350 Sun 19th July Identifying excitatory and inhibitory synapses in neuronal networks from dynamics using Transfer Entropy Felix Goetze
P31 340 Sun 19th July Early Dysregulation of Trigeminal Motor Pool Excitability in a Mouse Model for Neurodegenerative Motoneuron Disease Sharmila Venugopal
P32 345 Sun 19th July Non-invasively recorded transient pathological high-frequency oscillations in the epileptic brain: a novel signature of seizure evolution Stamoulis Catherine
P33 181 Sun 19th July Neuromechanical bistability contributes to robust and flexible behavior in a model of motor pattern generation David Lyttle
P34 311 Sun 19th July Investigating the effects of beta-amyloid on hippocampal signalling in Alzheimer's disease Julia Warburton
P35 20 Sun 19th July A novel method to find out sensory neuron tracts in the Drosophila brain Chaochun Chuang
P36 55 Sun 19th July The contribution of subthreshold preference in inhibitory neurons to network response Tatjana Tchumatchenko
P37 303 Sun 19th July Extending the tempotron with hierarchical dendrites allows faster learning Sarah Jarvis
P38 198 Sun 19th July A phase-locked loop epilepsy network emulator for localizing, forecasting, and controlling ictal activity. Patrick Watson
P39 323 Sun 19th July Using phase response curves to predict synchronization times for neural circuits Patrick Crotty
P40 75 Sun 19th July An asymptotic approximation to the cable equation for arbitrary diameter taper Alexander Bird
P41 232 Sun 19th July Model-based prediction of maximum pool size in the ribbon synapse Caitlyn Parmelee
P42 316 Sun 19th July Coregulation of the Na/K pump and the h-current as a mechanism for robust neuromodulation Gennady Cymbalyuk
P43 94 Sun 19th July Robustness of spatial learning in flickering networks Yuri Dabaghian
P44 96 Sun 19th July A topological approach to synaptic connectivity and spatial memory Yuri Dabaghian
P45 54 Sun 19th July Towards 'biophysical psychiatry': A modeling approach for studying effects of schizophrenia-linked genes on single-neuron excitability Maki-Marttunen Tuomo
P46 283 Sun 19th July Nonlinear system identification of receptive fields from spiking neuron data Coca Daniel
P47 286 Sun 19th July An empirical model of Drosophila Photoreceptor-LMC network Coca Daniel
P48 155 Sun 19th July Modeling of respiratory network: to sigh or not to sigh. Tatiana Dashevskiy
P49 10 Sun 19th July A model postulating a pivotal role of the levator-depressor neuro-muscular systems in locomotion of the stick insect Tibor Toth
P50 57 Sun 19th July Modelling searching movements of the front leg in the stick insect by means of a neuro-muscular model Tibor Toth
P51 153 Sun 19th July Invariance to frequency and time dilation along the ascending ferret auditory system Alexander Dimitrov
P52 16 Sun 19th July Purkinje cells: the forest shapes the trees Benjamin Torben-Nielsen
P53 50 Sun 19th July The ionic mechanism of the Purkinje cell dendritic spikes generation and propagation: a model exploration Yunliang Zang
P54 52 Sun 19th July Implementation of Parallel Spatial Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Simulation in STEPS Chen Weiliang
P55 204 Sun 19th July Accurate Approximation to Stochastic Reaction Diffusion on Unstructured Meshes in STEPS Iain Hepburn
P56 226 Sun 19th July ATP consumption in molecular signaling of CA1 Hippocampus neurons Nikon Rasumov
P57 68 Sun 19th July Dynamic model of whole cortex reveals disassortative hub structure in the intracortical connectome Matthieu Gilson
P58 314 Sun 19th July The Neurodynamical Basis of Multi-Item Working Memory Capacity: Sequential vs Simultaneous Stimulation Paradigms Marta Balague
P59 109 Sun 19th July Firing rate response of neocortical neurons in the fluctuation-driven regime Zerlaut` Yann
P60 172 Sun 19th July How neuronal correlations affects the LFP signal ? Bartosz Telenczuk
P61 41 Sun 19th July Effective connectivity analysis explains metastable states of ongoing activity in cortically embedded systems of coupled synfire chains Markus Diesmann
P62 218 Sun 19th July Deterministic neural networks as sources of uncorrelated noise for probabilistic computations Jakob Jordan
P63 12 Sun 19th July Using Dynamic Time Warping for Quantifying Effects of Sinusoidal Oscillation Deviations during EEG Time Series Prediction and for Finding Interesting Martin Dinov
P64 157 Sun 19th July A full rat-scale model of the basal ganglia and thalamocortical network to reproduce Parkinsonian tremor Jan Moren
P65 18 Sun 19th July Should Hebbian learning be selective for negative excess kurtosis? Rodrigo Echeveste
P66 48 Sun 19th July Decoding position from multiunit activity using a marked point process filter Xinyi Deng
P67 162 Sun 19th July Hybrid scheme for modeling local field potentials from point-neuron networks Espen Hagen
P68 327 Sun 19th July Can ionic diffusion have an effect on extracellular potentials? Geir Halnes
P69 239 Sun 19th July Attentional spreading over feature attributes and dimensions: Distributed top-down modulation or joint neural coding? Udo AErnst
P70 282 Sun 19th July Probing information routing mechanisms by precisely-timed electrical stimulation pulses: a modelling study Udo AErnst
P71 47 Sun 19th July Area Summation Is Related To Efficient Neural Representation Sharifian Fariba
P72 22 Sun 19th July Enhanced novelty detection in auditory scenes through adaptation of inhibition Bertrand Fontaine
P73 43 Sun 19th July Mechanisms of cortical high-gamma activity (60-200 Hz) investigated with computational modeling Piotr Suffczynski
P74 58 Sun 19th July A reservoir network model for sensory-guided probabilistic decision making Kurikawa Tomoki
P75 40 Sun 19th July Stimulus induced resonance in a neural mass model driven with a temporally correlated noise Maciej Jedynak
P76 82 Sun 19th July Modeling thalamic dynamics with a network of integrate and fire neurons Alessandro Barardi
P77 46 Sun 19th July Surprise minimization as a learning strategy in neural networks Mohammadjavad Faraji
P78 65 Sun 19th July A hierarchy of time scales supports unsupervised learning of behavioral sequences Samuel Muscinelli
P79 197 Sun 19th July Bridging spiking neuron models and mesoscopic population models - A general theory for neural population dynamics Tilo Schwalger
P80 361 Sun 19th July Variable Bin Size Selection for Periestimulus Time Histograms (PSTH) with Minimum Mean Square Error Criteria Mehran Jahed
P81 187 Sun 19th July Neural model of biological motion recognition based on shading cues. Leonid Fedorov
P82 73 Sun 19th July Visualizing, editing and simulating neuronal models with the Open Source Brain 3D explorer Padraig Gleeson
P83 243 Sun 19th July Effects of spike-time dependent plasticity on deep brain stimulation of the basal ganglia for treatment of Parkinson's disease Logan Grado
P84 178 Sun 19th July Computational modelling predicts activity-dependent neuronal regulation by nitric oxide increases metabolic pathway activity Christophe Michel
P85 208 Sun 19th July Computational neural modelling of auditory cortical receptive fields Jordan Chambers
P86 247 Sun 19th July The interaction between integration and segmentation neurons for motion perception Tatiana Kameneva
P87 11 Sun 19th July A simple effective model for STDP: from spike pairs and triplets to rate-encoding plasticity Rodrigo Echeveste
P88 21 Sun 19th July Slow points and adiabatic fixed points in recurrent neural networks Hendrik Wernecke
P89 23 Sun 19th July Limit cycles with transient state dynamics in cyclic networks Bulcsu Sandor
P90 348 Sun 19th July Graph theoretical comparison of functional connectivity between cLTP treated and untreated microelectrode arrays Yixin Guo
P91 72 Sun 19th July Simulation of AMPA and NMDA contribution to postsynaptic response Crhistian Gutierrez
P92 194 Sun 19th July Detecting network states in white noise Michal Hadrava
P93 123 Sun 19th July Is it right to estimate inter-modular connectivity from local field potentials? Seung Kee Han
P94 306 Sun 19th July Analyzing adaptive modulation in spinal motor neurons using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms Tomasz GSmolinski
P95 266 Sun 19th July Synaptic input patterns triggering local dendritic spikes in vivo Lea Goetz
P96 140 Sun 19th July Functional consequences of non-equilibrium dynamics caused by antisymmetric and symmetric learning rules Dmytro Grytskyy
P97 250 Sun 19th July Identifying and exploiting the anatomical origin of population rate oscillations in multi-layered spiking networks Hannah Bos
P98 273 Sun 19th July Homeostatic intrinsic plasticity, neural heterogeneity and memory maintenance Yann Sweeney
P99 322 Sun 19th July Brain state dependent stimulus information in the auditory thalamocortical system Jon Bamber
P100 102 Sun 19th July Different roles for ipsilateral positive feed back and commissural inhibitory networks in oculomotor velocity to position neural integration Inagaki Keiichiro
P101 160 Sun 19th July A categorical approach to neurodynamical modelling of musical tonality Michal Hadrava
P102 277 Sun 19th July An advanced Bayesian method for estimating model parameters from non-stationary spike train data Huu Hoang
P103 334 Mon 20th July Balancing the critical period of spiking neurons with attractor-less STDP Simon Vogt
P104 105 Mon 20th July Spiking neural network configuration designed for switching between basic forms of movement in a biped rob Rostro-Gonzalez Horacio
P105 297 Mon 20th July Dynamics analysis of neural univariate time series by recurrence plots Tamara Tosic
P106 71 Mon 20th July Simulating electrode arrangements on microelectrode arrays Inkeri Vornanen
P107 114 Mon 20th July Modeling the interplay between Structural Plasticity and Spike-timing- dependent Plasticity Richard MGeorge
P108 338 Mon 20th July Understanding short-timescale neuronal firing sequences via bias matrices Zachary Roth
P109 227 Mon 20th July Effects of multimodal distribution of delays in brain network dynamics Spase Petkoski
P110 295 Mon 20th July Using the Connectome to predict epileptic seizure propagation in the human brain. Timothee Proix
P111 279 Mon 20th July Adaptive control of ventilation using electrical stimulation in a biomechanical model Brian Hillen
P112 251 Mon 20th July Predictable Implications of Random Photon Absorption for Photoreceptors Gain Control Zhuoyi Song
P113 246 Mon 20th July An increase in the extracellular potassium concentration can cause seizures Tatiana Kameneva
P114 217 Mon 20th July Discrete cortical representations and their stability in the presence of synaptic turnover Bastian Eppler
P115 275 Mon 20th July Influence of recurrent interactions on texture processing in networks with different visual map organizations Hanna Kamyshanska
P116 336 Mon 20th July A Newton-based shooting method to find threshold in active cables William Kath
P117 359 Mon 20th July Fully-automated multi-objective optimization for fitting a neuronal model with real morphology Aushra Abouzeid
P118 339 Mon 20th July Granule cell excitability mediates gamma and beta oscillations in a model of the dendrodendritic microcircuit Boleslaw Osinski
P119 220 Mon 20th July Distinct and competing interneuron populations can generate fast and slow gamma in oscillatory models of CA1 Stephen Keeley
P120 152 Mon 20th July Modeling spontaneous activity across an excitable epithelium: Support for a coordination scenario of early neural evolution Oltman De Wiljes
P121 83 Mon 20th July Mechanisms of spikelet generation in cortical pyramidal neurons Martina Michalikova
P122 292 Mon 20th July Spiking network modeling of neuronal dynamics in individual rats Cliff CKerr
P123 130 Mon 20th July T-type calcium channels trigger hyperpolarization induced after depolarization in substantia nigra dopamine neurons Rebekah Evans
P124 353 Mon 20th July Assessing Performance of Directed Functional Connectivity Measures in the Presence of Common Source Heonsoo Lee
P125 125 Mon 20th July How slow K+ currents impact on spike generation mechanism? Ryota Kobayashi
P126 29 Mon 20th July Excitatory to inhibitory connectivity shaped by plasticity Claudia Clopath
P127 356 Mon 20th July Phase lead/lag due to degree inhomogeneity in complex oscillator network with application to brain networks Tae-Wook Ko
P128 17 Mon 20th July Dynamics on global brain networks at the neuronal resolution Shimono Masanori
P129 363 Mon 20th July Subthreshold resonance in biophysically-based models of low- and high-input conductance motoneurons Chaud Vitor
P130 118 Mon 20th July A super-resolution approach for receptive fields estimation of neuronal ensembles Daniela Pamplona
P131 121 Mon 20th July Nonparametric estimation of characteristics of the interspike interval distribution Ondrej Pokora
P132 305 Mon 20th July The role of mechanosensory T cells for stimulus encoding in the local bend network of the leech Friederice Pirschel
P133 128 Mon 20th July Time-resolved and parameter-free measures of spike train synchrony: Properties and applications Mario Mulansky
P134 119 Mon 20th July Detecting parallel bursts in in silico generated parallel spike train data Christian Braune
P135 252 Mon 20th July Minimal set of nodes to control the dynamics of biological neuronal networks Simachew Mengiste
P136 267 Mon 20th July Origin and control of the dynamic instability induced by mossy fiber sprouting and excitation-inhibition imbalance in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy Christopher Kim
P137 138 Mon 20th July A role of local VTA GABAergic neurons in mediating dopamine neuron response to nicotine Ekaterina Morozova
P138 263 Mon 20th July Qualitatively different scenarios for co-activation of NMDA, AMPA and GABA receptor currents on dopaminergic neuron Denis Zakharov
P139 154 Mon 20th July Prefrontal-hippocampal theta coherence, sharp wave ripples, and bursts of cortical unit activity underlie choices and encoding in the radial arm maze Maxym Myroshnychenko
P140 326 Mon 20th July Mode-locking Behavior of Izhikevich Neurons under Periodic External Forcing Amirali Farokhniaee
P141 70 Mon 20th July The OpenWorm Project: currently available resources and future plans Padraig Gleeson
P142 184 Mon 20th July Encoding of information using neural fingerprints Jose Carrillo-Medina
P143 189 Mon 20th July Reconstructing dynamical models from optogenetic data Sorinel AOprisan
P144 341 Mon 20th July Computational Model of Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Sora Ahn
P145 256 Mon 20th July PyMICE - a Python library for analysis of mice behaviour Kowalski Jakub
P146 301 Mon 20th July A Biologically Based Neural Network Model for Decision Making Azadeh Hassannejad Nazir
P147 223 Mon 20th July Numerical characterization of noisy fluctuations in two different types of stochastic differential equation models of neural signaling Tiina Manninen
P148 289 Mon 20th July Extending computational models of astrocyte-neuron interactions with biochemical mechanisms on the postsynaptic terminal Marja-Leena Linne
P149 99 Mon 20th July Information-theoretic analysis of a dynamic release site using a two-channel model of depression Mehrdad Salmasi
P150 91 Mon 20th July Interplay of Intrinsic and Network Heterogeneity in Strongly Recurrent Spiking Networks Cheng Ly
P151 39 Mon 20th July Parallelizing large networks using NEURON-Python William WLytton
P152 97 Mon 20th July Motor cortex neurons: from experiment to model via evolutionary algorithms Samuel Neymotin
P153 133 Mon 20th July Large-scale M1 microcircuit model with plastic input connections from biological PMd neurons used for prosthetic arm control Salvador Dura-Bernal
P154 8 Mon 20th July A lower bound on the number of mechanisms for discriminating fourth and higher order spatial correlations John Seamons
P155 346 Mon 20th July Spatiotemporal brain network analysis of healthy humans based on magnetoencephalography and functional MRI in the resting state Margaret Mahan
P156 143 Mon 20th July Pattern Recognition of Hodgkin-Huxley Equations by Auto-regressive Laguerre Volterra Network Kunling Geng
P157 134 Mon 20th July Neural coding of monaural and binaural intensity at low stimulus frequencies Petr Marsalek
P158 260 Mon 20th July Voltage sensitive currents and information processing by single neurons Petr Marsalek
P159 333 Mon 20th July A neural model of the optomotor system accounts for ordered responses to decreasing stimulus spatial frequencies Alex Cope
P160 92 Mon 20th July Orientation selectivity in a model of primary visual cortex with and without orientation map Soledad Gonzalo Cogno
P161 111 Mon 20th July When function mirrors structure: how slow waves are shaped by cortical layers Cristiano Capone
P162 315 Mon 20th July A novel method for approximating equilibrium single-channel calcium domains Victor Matveev
P163 87 Mon 20th July How central inputs and force and velocity feedbacks determine motoneurons activity during voluntary hand movements Alberto Mazzoni
P164 19 Mon 20th July Induction of Long-Term Potentiation and Depression in individual synapses of CA1 pyramidal neurons Rosanna Migliore
P165 335 Mon 20th July Cell-type specific connectivity accounts for diverse in vivo functional roles of inhibitory neurons in V1 Stefan Mihalas
P166 30 Mon 20th July Reconstructing the directionality of coupling between cortical populations with negative phase lag Fernanda Matias
P167 188 Mon 20th July On the basic mechanisms of anticipated synchronization in neuronal circuits Claudio Mirasso
P168 284 Mon 20th July Information transfer by local field potentials in the hippocampal formation Maria Constantinou
P169 207 Mon 20th July ROS-MUSIC Toolchain for Spiking Neural Network Simulations in a Robotic Environment Philipp Weidel
P170 148 Mon 20th July SPIKE-Synchronization: A parameter-free and time-resolved coincidence detector with an intuitive multivariate extension Thomas Kreuz
P171 259 Mon 20th July Novel perspective on field recordings in zebrafish models of epilepsy Adriana Dabacan
P172 202 Mon 20th July Shaping Pathological Cortical Dynamics with High-Frequency Neurostimulation Jeremie Lefebvre
P173 151 Mon 20th July Synaptic inputs are tuned to match intrinsic properties to maintain phase in oscillatory neural networks Haroon Anwar
P174 132 Mon 20th July Dynamical Sensory Representations establish a Rapid Odor Code in a Spiking Model of the Insect Olfactory System Betkiewicz Rinaldo
P175 216 Mon 20th July Application of generalized linear models to investigate functional synaptic coupling and synchrony in an animal model of schizophrenia Jennifer Zick
P176 347 Mon 20th July The Role of Horizontal Connections for the Modulation of Border-Ownership Selective Neurons in Visual Cortex Nobuhiko Wagatsuma
P177 33 Mon 20th July A computational model of cell culture dynamics: the role of connectivity and synaptic receptors in the appearance of synchronized bursting events Thierry Nieus
P178 265 Mon 20th July PyRhO: A virtual optogenetics laboratory Benjamin Evans
P179 192 Mon 20th July An Efficient and Accurate Solver for Large, Sparse Neural Networks Andrea Barreiro
P180 79 Mon 20th July Noise signature on interval timing Sorinel AOprisan
P181 238 Mon 20th July Spiking neural network model of reinforcement learning in the honeybee implemented on the GPU Esin Yavuz
P182 269 Mon 20th July Estimating Numerical Error in Neural Network Simulations on Graphics Processing Units Thomas Nowotny
P183 27 Mon 20th July Low-dimensional spike rate dynamics of coupled adaptive model neurons Moritz Augustin
P184 31 Mon 20th July pypet: A Python Toolkit for Simulations and Numerical Experiments Meyer Robert
P185 85 Mon 20th July Extending integrate-and fire model neurons to account for the effects of weak electric fields in the presence of dendrites Florian Aspart
P186 142 Mon 20th July Decoding of naturalistic textures from spike patterns of neuromorphic artificial mechanoreceptors Alberto Mazzoni
P187 362 Mon 20th July Hierarchical organization of multi-scale communities in brain networks is non-tree structured Hiroshi Okamoto
P188 360 Mon 20th July Sourcing brain histone modification data and development of algorithm for identification of hypersensitive sites Victor Osamor
P189 312 Mon 20th July Vibrational resonance in feed-forward-loop neuronal network motifs Ali Calim
P190 89 Mon 20th July Neural representation in F5: cross-decoding from observation to executi Erhan Oztop
P191 281 Mon 20th July Auditory Noise Influences Human Visual Perception of Ambiguous Information: Multi-modal integration during Bistable Perception Choi Woochul
P192 330 Mon 20th July Local interaction in retinal ganglion cell mosaics can generate a consistent spatial periodicity in cortical functional maps Jaeson Jang
P193 228 Mon 20th July How bifurcations affect functional connectivity in finite-size neural networks Anna Cattani
P194 270 Mon 20th July Canonical correlations reveal co-variability between spike trains and local field potentials in area MT Il Memming Park
P195 86 Mon 20th July Local structure supports learning of deterministic behavior in recurrent neural networks Jonathan Binas
P196 88 Mon 20th July Approximate nonlinear filtering with a recurrent neural network Anna Kutschireiter
P197 159 Mon 20th July The role of microcircuits in the pre-frontal cortex in detecting and encoding temporally patterned information Constantinos Melachrinos
P198 364 Mon 20th July Multiplexed coding through synchronous and asynchronous spiking Milad Lankarany
P199 210 Mon 20th July Partial Information Decomposition as a Unified Approach to the Characterization and Design of Neural Goal Functions Michael Wibral
P200 237 Mon 20th July Cooperation/supervision of a habit by a cognitive strategy in a goal-directed navigational paradigm Souheil Hanoune
P201 255 Mon 20th July A Minimum-Error, Energy-Constrained Neural Encoder Predicts an Instantaneous Spike-Rate code. Erik Johnson
P202 221 Mon 20th July Regular and irregular stimuli result in changes in mice eye movement and cerebellar nuclei neuron model behavior Tiina Manninen
P203 37 Mon 20th July Contributions from active dendritic conductances to the Local Field Potential Torbjorn Ness
P204 244 Mon 20th July Cross-Cultural Differences in Visual Attention: A computational modelling study Eirini Mavritsaki
P205 76 Mon 20th July Synaptic transmission of spike trains with arbitrary interspike intervals Alexander Bird
P206 264 Tues 21st July Coarse-grained description of the spatio-temporal dynamics of network activity from experimentally verified single-neuron models and connectivity Francesco Fermani
P207 196 Tues 21st July On-line identification of the end of motor imageries based on the alpha rebound detection A. Cecilia Lindig-Leon
P208 165 Tues 21st July Optimal signal detection with neuronal diversity: balancing the gullible and the prudent neurons Leonardo LGollo
P209 49 Tues 21st July A cortical multi-layered model and the properties of its internally-generated activity Antonio CRoque
P210 257 Tues 21st July Effect of synaptic plasticity on functional connectivity and global activity of a neocortical network model Antonio CRoque
P211 191 Tues 21st July Dynamics of competition between coupled spiking networks in the balanced state Fereshteh Lagzi
P212 209 Tues 21st July The formation of habits in the neocortex under the implicit supervision of the basal ganglia Nicolas Rougier
P213 236 Tues 21st July A realistic model of pitch explains the N100m morphology evoked by dyads Alejandro Tabas
P214 13 Tues 21st July The Delayed Response Network: Towards a single layer universal neural network approximator and delay-based learning Martin Dinov
P215 35 Tues 21st July Extracellular potassium concentration defines neuronal bursting properties Yaroslav Molkov
P216 229 Tues 21st July The suppression curve as a new representation of the premature EEG maturation Ninah Koolen
P217 34 Tues 21st July Multi-scale detection of rate and variance changes in neuronal spike trains Gaby Schneider
P218 67 Tues 21st July Joint pausiness in parallel spike trains Matthias Gaertner
P219 56 Tues 21st July Temperature-induced changes of spike timing precision and network synchronisation Jan-Hendrik Schleimer
P220 171 Tues 21st July Dendritic distribution of synaptic input creates a trade-off between input selectivity and flexibility Michiel Remme
P221 304 Tues 21st July Self-organization of information processing in developing neuronal networks Viola Priesemann
P222 158 Tues 21st July Markov Stability partitioning shows spectrally dependent community structure amongst thalamocortical neural ensembles Christian David Martin
P223 299 Tues 21st July A robust model of sensory tuning using dendritic non-linearities Caze Romain
P224 302 Tues 21st July An Information Theoretic measure of cross-frequency coupling Silvia CArdila-Jimenez
P225 176 Tues 21st July Looking at the Role of Direct and Indirect Pathways in Basal Ganglia Networks at Different Levels Rahmi Elibol
P226 101 Tues 21st July Learning with somato-dendritic prediction errors reproduces STDP characteristics Dominik Spicher
P227 93 Tues 21st July Curvature of dendritic nonlinearities modulates higher-order spiking correlations Alex Cayco Gajic
P228 131 Tues 21st July Large-scale Quantitative Analysis of Neurons via Morphological Structures by Fast Automatically Structural Tracing Algorithm (FAST) Nan-Yow Chen
P229 337 Tues 21st July Symmetries constrain the transition to heterogeneous chaos in balanced networks Andrea Barreiro
P230 365 Tues 21st July Predicting surgical outcome in intractable epilepsy using a computational model of seizure initiation Justin Dauwels
P231 24 Tues 21st July EEG slow-wave mediates the fragmentation and coupling of cortical networks in propofol-induced general anesthesia D. Alistair Steyn-Ross
P232 36 Tues 21st July Thalamo-cortical mechanisms of the observed specific changes in frontal and occipital EEG rhythms during the propofol-induced sedation Meysam Hashemi
P233 77 Tues 21st July Description and removal of background activity in EEG power spectra under general anesthesia using the Lorentzian curve Mariia Fedotenkova
P234 293 Tues 21st July Functional requirements for homeostatic inhibitory plasticity in recurrent networks Owen Mackwood
P235 78 Tues 21st July Structural plasticity and associative memory in balanced neural networks with spike-time dependent inhibitory plasticity. Ankur Sinha
P236 240 Tues 21st July Using transfer entropy to study synaptic integration in Purkinje cells Kirsty Kidd
P237 324 Tues 21st July Animat control by spiking neural networks evolved with a genetic algorithm Borys Wrobel
P238 325 Tues 21st July Evolving small spiking neural networks to work as state machines for temporal pattern recognition Borys Wrobel
P239 262 Tues 21st July Identifying and tracking simulated synaptic inputs from neuronal firing: insights from in vitro experiments Ian Stevenson
P240 307 Tues 21st July Neural representation of a spatial odor memory in the honeybee mushroom body. Martin Paul Nawrot
P241 53 Tues 21st July The effect of synchronized pauses on the coding strategies of cerebellar nuclear neurons: A modeling study Shyam Kumar Sudhakar
P242 60 Tues 21st July Modeling of seizure transitions with ion concentration dynamics Damiano Gentiletti
P243 173 Tues 21st July Lateral Inhibition as the Organizer of the Bottom-Up Attentional Modulation in the Primary Visual Cortex Elzbieta Gajewska-Dendek
P244 309 Tues 21st July Computational interactions between decision and emotion Nicoladie DTam
P245 310 Tues 21st July Differential temporal activation of oxy- and deoxy-hemodynamic signals in optical imaging using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) Nicoladie DTam
P246 14 Tues 21st July Mapping the smoking addiction using dynamic causal modelling at rest Yi-Yuan Tang
P247 15 Tues 21st July Brief mindfulness training alters causal brain connections in mTBI Yi-Yuan Tang
P248 342 Tues 21st July Predicting clinical status from resting-state magnetoencephalograms in mild traumatic brain injury Vasily Vakorin
P249 80 Tues 21st July Surround suppression and normalization in a model of coupled balanced cortical networks with short-term synaptic plasticity Tatjana Tchumatchenko
P250 241 Tues 21st July Effect of power-law ionic conductances in the Hodgkin and Huxley model Fidel Santamaria
P251 127 Tues 21st July Estimation of the synaptic conductance in a McKean-model neuron Catalina Vich Llompart
P252 180 Tues 21st July Induction and consolidation of calcium-based homo- and heterosyanptic potentiation and depression Yinyun Li
P253 195 Tues 21st July Interaction between memories in an abstract mathematical model based on the Hebbian cell assembly hypothesis Juliane Herpich
P254 206 Tues 21st July Towards a biological plausible model of the interaction of long-term memory and working memory Timo Nachstedt
P255 199 Tues 21st July Sparse coding and dictionary learning for spike trains to find spatio-temporal patterns Taro Tezuka
P256 28 Tues 21st July Extreme sensitivity of reservoir computing to small network disruptions Philippe Vincent-Lamarre
P257 74 Tues 21st July Role of Na+ and Ca2+ currents in computational model of in-vitro sigh generation Natalia Toporikova
P258 215 Tues 21st July Fast and accurate representations of stochastic ion channel fluctuations Peter JThomas
P259 117 Tues 21st July Mechanisms for Synchronized Burst Firing in Pyramidal Cells using Oscillatory Inhibition: A Model for Attentional Control Caroline Fischer
P260 168 Tues 21st July Alpha phase modulates the effectiveness and directionality of cortical communication Silvan Quax
P261 156 Tues 21st July Analysis of replacing DNase-seq data with histone marks in computational dimer prediction Victor Osamor
P262 147 Tues 21st July Fitness and neural complexity of animats exposed to environmental change Larissa Albantakis
P263 110 Tues 21st July Stochastic mean-field formulation of the dynamics of diluted neural networks David Angulo-Garcia
P264 254 Tues 21st July Two different mechanisms alternate during cortical synchronized states Erin Munro
P265 66 Tues 21st July Self-organization of complex cortex-like wiring in a spiking neural network model Daniel Miner
P266 203 Tues 21st July Key features of neural variability emerge from self-organized sequence learning in a deterministic neural network Christoph Hartmann
P267 205 Tues 21st July Modulation of hippocampal gamma oscillations by acetylcholine: insights from mathematical and in vitro optogenetic models Ruth Betterton
P268 288 Tues 21st July A Spatiotemporal Model of Spine Calcium Dynamics in the Hippocampus Thom Griffith
P269 298 Tues 21st July Transient Synchrony in Delayed Coupled Neuronal Networks Zahra Ghasemi Esfahani
P270 318 Tues 21st July Stabilizing synchrony with heterogeneity Ehsan Bolhasani
P271 136 Tues 21st July Novel modes in a Wilson-Cowan network Jeremy Neuman
P272 42 Tues 21st July Proof of concept: A spatial modular small-world self-organises by adaptive rewiring Nick Jarman
P273 185 Tues 21st July Lateral connections synchronize population activity in a spiking neural network model of midbrain superior colliculus Bahadir Kasap
P274 120 Tues 21st July Channel-specific input/output transformations arising from the interaction between dynamic synapses and subthreshold oscillations Pablo Varona
P275 261 Tues 21st July Regularization of a half-center oscillator network by closed-loop control Irene Elices
P276 274 Tues 21st July Two-channel models of medial and superior olive based on psychoacoustics Jaroslav Bouse
P277 355 Tues 21st July A Self-Organizing Neural Network for Neuromuscular Control Sharmila Venugopal
P278 9 Tues 21st July Developing and Validating and Isotrigon Texture Discrimination Task Using Amazon Mechanical Turk John Seamons
P279 278 Tues 21st July Neural model for multi-stability in visual action recognition Martin Giese
P280 183 Tues 21st July Optimization of input parameters to a CN neuron model to simulate its activity during and between epileptic absence seizures Alva Parimala
P281 7 Tues 21st July A spiking neuron network model for the delayed motion direction discrimination task Si Wu
P282 212 Tues 21st July Prediction of ion channel parameter differences between groups of young and aged pyramidal neurons using multi-stage compartmental model optimization Tim Rumbell
P283 211 Tues 21st July What Must Come Down Goes Up - the Effect of Noise on Weights in Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Michael Klein
P284 290 Tues 21st July A Hebbian Cell Assembly based neural field model for the remote associate task and creative search Thomas Wennekers
P285 161 Tues 21st July Recurrent Networks Expect Adam Ponzi
P286 253 Tues 21st July A novel method for spatial source localization using ECoG and SEEG recordings in human epilepsy patients Chaitanya Chintaluri
P287 231 Tues 21st July Stimulus discrimination and association with Hebbian cell assemblies Timo Nachstedt
P288 6 Tues 21st July Anticipative Tracking in Two-Dimensional Continuous Attractor Neural Networks Si Wu
P289 331 Tues 21st July Minimalistic central pattern generator model to describe asymmetries during healthy and impaired locomotion Sergiy Yakovenko
P290 150 Tues 21st July The effect of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol, Menthol and Propofol on 5-Hydroxytryptamine type 3 Receptors - A Computational Approach Andreas Schilbach
P291 242 Tues 21st July More flexibility for code generation with GeNN v2.1 Thomas Nowotny
P292 182 Tues 21st July Mathematical modelling of ICAN-mediated persistent firing in hippocampal neurons Francesco Giovannini
P293 358 Tues 21st July Spatiotemporal dynamics in spiking simulations of superior colliculus fit via MCMC suggest disinhibition responsible for superlinear summation Richard Veale
P294 135 Tues 21st July Natural environment promotes deeper brain functional connectivity than built environment Yuguo Yu
P295 137 Tues 21st July Axon Initial Segment potassium Channel Density in Cortical Neurons Yuguo Yu
P296 144 Tues 21st July Key factors dominating the neural coding preference to 1/f signal Boqiang Fan
P297 145 Tues 21st July Odor experience facilitates sparse coding of new odors in a large-scale olfactory bulb model Boqiang Fan
P298 167 Tues 21st July Axon zippering in neuronal cell culture and its biophysical modeling Martin Zapotocky
P299 319 Tues 21st July Computational estimation of calcium fluxes in isolated magnocellular neurons Martin Zapotocky
P300 224 Tues 21st July Functional identification of complex cells from spike times and the decoding of visual stimuli Aurel A.Lazar
P301 225 Tues 21st July Retina of the fruit fly eyes: A detailed simulation model Aurel A.Lazar
P302 177 Tues 21st July Network heterogeneity and seizure generation Sima Mofakham
P303 234 Tues 21st July The role of adaptation current in synchronously firing inhibitory neural networks with various topologies Scott Rich
P304 320 Tues 21st July Modeling the formation and dynamics of cortical waves induced by cholinergic modulation. James Roach
P305 169 Tues 21st July Modelling impairment of evoked gamma range oscillations in schizophrenia Christoph Metzner